Environment & Sustainability

Paradise Primary is a registered AuSSI-SA school - Australian Sustainable Schools Initiative

Our vision is to be lifelong learners who care for and respect ourselves, each other and the environment. Natural Resources Management Education encourages schools and preschools to embrace sustainability principles in their learning and management practices to help develop more sustainable communities. We have worked with an NRM education officer to develop our School Environmental Management Plan – SEMP, focusing on the following themes.


Our green waste is collected and composted for our Stephanie Alexander garden. We collect and recycle cans, bottles and fruit boxes collected from our Soccer BBQ fundraiser.

We are planning to reduce our waste with the Wipe Out WaSte programme and initiating nude food days.


We have installed a rainwater tank to collect water to use for flushing toilets.


Paradise Primary has a plan to improve our diversity by planting a variety of levels of native plants and attracting a greater variety of insects and building bird boxes for birds.

Food Gardens

We have planted a Stephanie Alexander Garden to improve understanding of growing, producing and distributing food.

Engaging with Nature

An understanding and appreciation of nature is critical in helping us develop a meaningful connection and desire to protect it. We are developing a nature play area to engage students with nature.


Monitors switch off classroom lights when not being used.


Through our Student Rep Council, students have a voice and are involved in providing ideas, making decisions, planning action for participating in projects.